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Trustworthy Leader in Liquidation Sales

Francis Findings Estate Sales offers services
that are welcomed and trusted by families,
friends, bank trustees, as well as realtors and funeral directors. We are on the court appointed personal property appraiser's list specializing in antiques and household goods.

You will feel comforted knowing that our professional
staff is bonded and insured. We are also a very friendly,
dependable, caring and honest group of workers.

We have satisfied customers because of our successful
sales! Feel free to ask us for references. Our word-of-mouth
referrals are our best advertisers.

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Resource Connections for Best Market Value

Francis Findings Estate Sales will keep your best interest in mind by providing an invaluable service. We have the best opportunity to help you sell your possessions at the highest price possible. We take time to research items and determine the best way to sell them. From antiques and collectibles to everyday useables, we have the proven approach for generating top dollars for your items.

While setting up our tag sales, we have the capability of using e-bay to sell things on-line or we can connect with antique dealers, jewelers or furniture resellers. After years of experience, our staff is very knowledgeable and we have unlimited reference sources. Profits increase considerably when we are able to use our connections.

Relaxing Solution

Times change. Things happen. You may decide to downsize or even move due to an illness, divorce, bankruptcy or death. Maybe your style of living has changed and you want to update or modernize your household furnishings. Or you may just want to change your color scheme. Many of your personal possessions will probably have to be sold or liquidated. That's where Francis Findings Estate Sales can help. Our services are the easy solution you need to benefit financially from the sale of personal belongings without the stress, hassle or headaches.

China Vaces     Free Consulation - No Hidden Fees

     Once you have contacted Francis Findings Estate      Sales, we will talk with you and get to know your      situation and the kind of estate we are dealing with. We      will set up a specific time to meet with you at the      location. We will be able to determine whether
     there are enough items in the residence to make the      sale profitable. If an alternate source to liquidate the
     contents of the home is necessary, we will be happy to          make recommendations. Our consultation and meeting is free of charge.

     There are no up-front fees or hidden charges. You will      never have to take money out of your pocket for our      services. We are paid out of the money you gain from the      sale of your belongings.

Coordinate Out-of-Town Requests

In this day and age, it is very common for family members to live in different parts of the country. If and when unfortunate circumstances arise, it may become difficult to deal with the pressure from far away. That's when getting in touch with us makes everything easier.

With just a single call or an e-mail, Francis Findings Estate Sales can help. We will coordinate details without you having to make unnecessary trips away from your home, your work or your family. We will serve as your local, on-site and reliable source working with in-town relatives, neighbors, friends or realtors. Whatever is needed ... We are here to help you!

Complete Package

In our fast-paced world, everyone has busy schedules. When you dont have the time, your daily routine isn't flexible or emotional stress may be a factor, we will do it all for you.

Our goal is to minimize problems and maximize profits.

Francis Findings Estate Sales will literally handle everything - from cleaning out closets and cupboards, bringing in tables and cabinets for display, organizing all your personal property, pricing-to-sell everyting, advertising through local newspapers, on-line and by use of our large mailing list - to cleaning up after the sale. Whether your house is large or small, or you've outgrown your apartment, or your condo just became too full ...Give us a call and we'll do it all!

When the sale is over, all personal property will have been sorted, organized, displayed, sold, donated or removed. If any unsold items are to remain, they will be left on the premises.

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